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For What

2023/12/4 talk talk

It’s Dec. 04 2023 today. I just finished my Java programming language exam.

I back to dormitory, finding something interesting.

The Internet remains as always. Full of abuse, slander, and provocation.

I’m tired to in participating in these crazy orgies anymore.

Looking back on last year, I still held a grudge against it and insisted on competing with others on the internet by using words.

But, one year, time will change anything. I became calmer and

Isreal has put their aggressive plan into action.

Isreal, Hamas. Bombs landed in house, bringing Death to the Middle East.

I used to think the War in Ukraine was the few bloody wars. But now, the hole world is under the dark clouds of wars.

Taiwan, India and Africa, war will occur everywhere.

This reminds me of twelve years ago when I was eight years old 2010 maybe.

In 2010, Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement(ECFA) was signed. The relationship between China and Taiwan has improved.

In China, Taiwan is “treasure island”, every Chinese in mainland are taught this way.

In my impression, Taiwan is part of China, and the people in Taiwan are all my comrades.

But now, the development of the world exceeded my expectations.

Someone insist on going their own way, hoping to bring the hole province to become victims of war.

I don’t know the every hard work for what.

For more wars????????

I don’t know….

Hope peace coming soon.