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Hello World!

2023/6/13 talk talk

Hello World!

This is my first post in hexo.

I think it’s unnecessary for me to create a site to express my viewpoints.

But I change my viewpoint recently days…….

Recently years,with the savage expansion of the Chinese and worldwide Internet.

The social atmosphere of rational discussion has disappeared.

Extremism,discriminatory and provocation are rampant in the world.

I increasingly dislike discussing with people on the internet.

I enjoy the joy Vtuber brings me.

But I deeply detest its combination with politics.

I’m looking on the battlefield situation in Ukraine and analyzed the victory and lose of all parties.

But I deeply detest watching the station emotionally.

So,the Internet for me is a hell.I can’t understand and adapt it.

I strive for all the beauty of everything in the world.

But I can’t find it in Internet.

But until an image…It made me realize…


Maybe I’m the extremist I’m talking about,only saw the darkness of the sky but ignored the ray of the stars.


In the site,I will express my viewpoints about the world,the war,the life or criticism for something.

May have some Technology Post.

China is so magnificent,and the world is so wonderful.