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Dream chaser never give up.

For What

talk 2023/12/4

It’s Dec. 04 2023 today. I just finished my Java programming language exam.

I back to dormitory, finding something interesting.

The Internet remains as always. Full of abuse, slander, and provocation.

I’m tired to in participating in these crazy orgies anymore.



tech 2023/8/7

Linux command: Top

tech 2023/8/1

Top command is used to show the Linux process. It provides a dynamic real-time view of the system status.

Usually, the command shows the summary information of the system and the running processes or threads.

Here, I will explain how to use the command and interpret the information.


Why we need git stash

tech 2023/7/12

Git stash is used to temporarily save changes that are not ready to be committed or pushed to a branch.

And use git stash pop or git stash apply to restore it.

It was designed to help modify other files temporarily.

That’s a creative feature.


Why don’t use git checkout -b [newbranch] to create and check out to a new branch to do my work?



tech 2023/7/11



Leopard2 was easily destroyed by the Russian army in Ukraine

Military 2023/6/17

The myth of Leopard 2

In Chinese Internet,the Ukrainian Supporters think the leopard will completely turning the situation of the War In Ukraine,allowing Ukraine to regain its territory.

“Everything will be fine if Leopard 2 launches the counterattack,” they said.

In addition to this,the “Challenger 2”, the “M1 Abrams” even the “Ariete” can be deified the weights that can be deified to determine balance.

After Leopard was destroyed, F16 took its place.

Hahahaha,that’s very ironic.


Hello World!

talk 2023/6/13

Hello World!

This is my first post in hexo.

I think it’s unnecessary for me to create a site to express my viewpoints.

But I change my viewpoint recently days…….

Erick Ren

Dream chaser never give up.