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Leopard2 was easily destroyed by the Russian army in Ukraine

The myth of Leopard 2

In Chinese Internet,the Ukrainian Supporters think the leopard will completely turning the situation of the War In Ukraine,allowing Ukraine to regain its territory.

“Everything will be fine if Leopard 2 launches the counterattack,” they said.

In addition to this,the “Challenger 2”, the “M1 Abrams” even the “Ariete” can be deified the weights that can be deified to determine balance.

After Leopard was destroyed, F16 took its place.

Hahahaha,that’s very ironic.

No single weapon can determine the war

Actually,it has no single weapon can determine the war.

Leopard 2 has enviable performance,giving its ability to gallop through the war.

But for tank,the helicopter gunship is a nightmare. With Air supremacy,helicopter gunship can hunting tanks unscrupulously.

For the other reason,Russian has large-scale in-war-artillery.

With the assistance of drones,artillery has high accuracy and can greatly destroy armored forces.

When the shells landed accurately,these tanks were destroyed without even meeting their enemies.

This is modern war.

The attack comes from beyond the line of sight. The death quietly fall upon the soldiers.

Hope peace coming soon.